Procedure for Using the meviy Platform

Follow the procedure detailed below to receive quotes and place orders using 3D data on the meviy platform.

Procedure for Using the FA Mechanical Parts Service


Step 1: Upload 3D CAD Data ​

Upload the 3D CAD data for the part you want to fabricate to the meviy platform.
→ Uploading 3D Data
The uploaded data is analyzed by meviy and the production and machining processes determined automatically.
Data for which the analysis has been complete is displayed as a “Project” in the project list screen.
→ Viewing the Project List Screen

Step 2: Configure the Quote Specifications

Set the quantity, materials, surface treatment, hole type, dimensional tolerance and customer PO number (user-defined), and request a quote.
[FA Sheet Metal] Quotation Settings
[FA Machining] Quotation Settings

Step 3: Finalize Quote and Issue Part Number

Confirm the results of the quote and issue the part number if there are no issues (if any points for approval are acceptable).
→ [FA Sheet Metal] Quotation Settings > Finalizing Quotes (Obtaining Part Numbers) / Confirming
→ [FA Machining] Quotation Settings > Finalizing Quotes (Obtaining Part Numbers) / Confirming

Step 4: Order

Orders can be made from both the meviy screen and Misumi web order system.
→ Ordering from Misumi web order system
→ Ordering from meviy