Viewing the 3D Viewer Screen

Viewing the 3D Viewer Screen

Click a project on the project list screen to open the 3D viewer screen. You can check the following information on the 3D Viewer screen.

Click on tabs (2) through (5) to switch the display.

(1) 3D Viewer

(2) Parts list

All the parts contained in the project selected in the Project List will be displayed.

(3) Precaution

Lists error messages, warning messages, and messages from the meviy operator.

(4) Basic Information

You can change the quantities in the quote, change the materials or surface treatments, set custom customer PO numbers and enter additional machining instructions


When in tree view, you can check the dimensions of the entire part and the hole information for each of the 6 faces. You can also change the hole type. Double-click the hole you want to change and the [Hole Information Instructions] dialog box will be displayed.

(5) Tree View

The automatic quotation function will not be available if you have entered additional machining instructions. Select [Request Quote from meviy Support]. A representative will respond with a quote.


A message will be displayed if there is a risk of deformation during the fabrication process. You can check the corresponding area in the 3D Viewer.