Parts Eligible for Clear Resin


*The delivery date will be extended depending on the quantity. Please check the date displayed on the screen for the confirmed delivery date.
  • Clear resin panel parts, used for equipment covers, etc. are available.
  • Certain conditions regarding the shape elements, material and thickness of the part must be met in order to select clear resin. Check below for detailed specifications.

Shapes Available in Clear Resin

Eligible: Through holes, rectangular holes and freeform holes

Not eligible: Bending

Not eligible: Bending

Eligible: Cutouts, countersunk holes and slotted holes

Not eligible: Tapped holes

Not eligible: Tapped holes

Materials / Plate Thicknesses Eligible for Clear Resin

  • Material available: PET, acrylic, polycarbonate and PVC.
  • Each material is available in two grades and two colors, so please choose the material that best suits your needs.
Material: Clear Resin Grade Color Total Light Transmittance *1 Operating Ambient Temperature *1 Plate Thickness *2
PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) Standard Clear 87%
  • -15 to 55°C
  • (5 to 131°F)
3.0mm (.1181″), 5.0mm(.1969″), 8.0mm(.3150″)
Brown Smoke 28% 3.0mm (.1181″), 5.0mm(.1969″)
Anti-Static Clear 77%
Brown Smoke 30%
Acrylic Standard Clear 93%
  • -40 to 65°C
  • (-40 to 149°F)
3.0mm (.1181″), 5.0mm(.1969″), 8.0mm(.3150″), 10.0mm(.3937″)
Brown Smoke 28% 3.0mm (.1181″), 5.0mm(.1969″)
Anti-Static Clear 87%
Brown Smoke 25%
Polycarbonate Standard Clear 89%
  • -40 to 120°C
  • (-40 to 248°F)
3.0mm (.1181″), 5.0mm(.1969″)
Brown Smoke 35%
Anti-Static Clear 86%
Brown Smoke 32%
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Standard Clear 83%
  • -10 to 60°C
  • (14 to 140°F)
3.0mm (.1181″), 5.0mm(.1969″)
Brown Smoke 27%
Anti-Static Clear 77%
Brown Smoke 30%

*1 This is an approximate value only and should not be considered a guaranteed value.

*2 The plate thickness tolerance is ±0.2 with a thickness of 3.0, and ±0.3 with a thickness of 5.0.

Transparent resin materials

Material color may vary between orders based on availability.