Auto-Fixing of Plate Thicknesses of Bends

Models of sheet metal parts should be designed with a uniform plate thickness. If the inner radius (R) and outer radius (R) of the bends are unbalanced and the plate thickness is not uniform, you will not be able to use the automatic quote function. In this case, you can rectify the issue using the auto-fix function.

Fixing Uniformity Issues from Message Displayed When Opening 3D Viewer Screen

The Model Modification Guide box will display if you open a project in the 3D Viewer containing data for which the plate thickness is not uniform.
  • 1. Select [Modify Model].
  • A new project using the auto-fixed model is created in the same location as where the original project was saved. The file name will be “fixed_‘name of the original project’”.


The fixed model is created as a new project, meaning that you can still access the original project if required.

2. Open the auto-fixed project.

Check that the parts information and non-standard plate thickness have been fixed.

quote specification settings

3. Restart the quote process.

Proceed from quote specification settings.