Material Properties

Low Carbon Steel

Low Carbon Steel (Cold Rolled)

Cold-rolled steel sheet for use in general type pressing. Characterized by its high dimensional accuracy and attractive surface finish. The standard plate thickness is generally between 0.2 mm and 3.2 mm.

1018 Carbon Steel (Hot Rolled)

This is a typical rolled steel for general structural use. It has high strength and is used in a wide range of applications such as construction and machinery. The surface is covered with a black oxide film and is also called black film material.

Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steel (Galvanized)

Also used in building materials and has high corrosion resistance. Because this material has been pre-machined with a surface treatment, the cut surfaces will not be plated. However, this does afford faster delivery times. The surface is the color of silver.

304 Stainless Steel (2B)

The most common type of stainless steel. Provides excellent corrosion resistance, toughness, ductility, machinability and weldability. Used in a wide range of applications. The surface has a slightly glossed finish.
SUS304(Single-sided hairline finish)

304 Stainless Steel (Single-sided hairline finish)

This is a surface finishing material characterized by long, continuous, hair-like polished grains. The surface is low-gloss to create a relaxed atmosphere. When shipped, a protective sheet (one side only) is attached.
5052 Aluminum Alloy

5052 Aluminum Alloy

The most versatile aluminum alloy.
Offers excellent corrosion resistance and weldability and is used in a wide range of applications.
Low Carbon Steel

Low Carbon Steel (Hot Rolled)

Hot-rolled soft steel sheet for general use and deep drawing. The standard plate thickness is generally 1.2 mm or more. The material is commonly used in products with medium plate thicknesses.

Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steel (Electrolytic Zinc Plating)

A plated steel sheet with good corrosion resistance. The cut surfaces will not be plated. Because of the properties of the material, there may be some marks on the surface. The surface is gray.
304 Stainless Steel(No.1)

304 Stainless Steel(No.1)

  • After hot rolling and heat treatment, it is acid washed to remove black film and dirt from the surface.
  • It features a matte, satin-finish surface.
304 Stainless Steel (Single-Sided #400-Grit Polished)

304 Stainless Steel (Single-Sided #400-Grit Polished)

A material with a highly attractive surface finish commonly used for exterior covers. The surface has a mirror-like glossed finish onto which a small amount of polishing marks may remain. Protective sheets (one-side only) are affixed prior to shipment.

430 Stainless Steel (2B)

A common type of ferritic stainless steel. Has a glossier surface finish than 304 Stainless Steel and is characterized by its magnetic properties.
Perforated Metal (304 Stainless Steel-BA); —60° Staggered Round Hole Type—

  • Perforated Metal – 60° Staggered Round Hole Type –
  • (304 Stainless Steel-BA, Bright Annealed)

Perforated steel plates used in a wide range of applications, including in ventilation covers and filters. The material is straightened prior to shipment, but some warping may remain due to the properties of the material.