How to Use the 3D Viewer

(1) Toolbar

The names of each tool and what you can do with these tools are specified below.

Function Name What You Can Do
  • Reverse the Appearance
If the external appearance faces identified by meviy (faces colored in dark orange) are different from what you expected, you can invert the internal and external faces.
  • Add Dimensions in Batch
Batch add coordinate dimensions. → Adding Dimensions*No dimensions will be added to faces which are at an oblique angle.
  • Delete PMI
Remove added dimensions. → Adding/Removing Dimensions
Function Name What You Can Do
  • Split Grouped Holes
You can split holes grouped during shape recognition. → Splitting Grouped Holes
  • Change Font Size
You can change the font size → changing font size
  • Simple 2D Drawing
Download image files that capture each orthogonal direction of the 3D models and arrange them via 3rd angle projection.
  • Measurement
This function allows measurement of models uploaded.→Measuring 3D models

(2) Cube


Rotate the cube to change the orientation of the currently displayed parts.

Click [Isometric View] to return to the isometric view (default orientation).

(3) Display Settings

Display Settings

Move the mouse over the icon to display the display settings menu. Here you can change the 3D model display method and toggle between displaying or hiding text information in the 3D viewer.

(4) PMI

PMI is an abbreviation of Product Manufacturing Information and refers to textual information for dimensions and holes. The position of the PMI display can be moved by dragging.