About Edge Breaking

Standard Value Example
  • Burrs resulting from punching sheet metal are finished to an Equivalent 0.1mm Radius as shown in the figure to the right.
  • For standard conditions, burrs are guaranteed to be 0.1㎜ or less.
  • Standard (Without Edge Breaking)
  • Edge breaking (Equivalent to 0.1 Radius)

Appearance of Edge Breaking

Acrylic (Transparent), thickness 8.0㎜
304 Stainless Steel 2B, thickness 3.0㎜

Edge Breaking Finish Notes

  • There is a possibility of minor scratches on appearance surfaces from the double-sided deburring machine used to eliminate burrs.
  • Edge breaking and engraving cannot both be specified on the same model. The edge breaking process can cause the engraving to fade.
  • Transparent resin parts will have the edge breaking finish as standard.