Viewing the Project List Screen

The project list screen opens when you log in to the meviy platform. This section describes what you can do on the project list screen.

List view
List view
 Function nameDetails
Project nameThe name of the uploaded project file will be displayed.
Part numberAfter the part number is issued, the issued part number will be displayed.
Processing method
  • You can choose from “CNC Milling” and “Sheet Metal.”
  • *CNC Milling includes either milling or turning parts, but the process is determined automatically by the system.

A message regarding the quotation status of your project will be displayed.

Status patterns
Setting quotation conditionsThe shape is successfully recognized and the price is automatically calculated. The specifications set afterward are successfully recognized and the price is calculated.
Confirmation requiredOut of the scope of the automatic quotation, but you can request a quote from meviy support.
Order preparation completedThe part number is issued and ready to order.
Processing manual quoteRequested quotation to meviy support.
Manual quote completedThe part number is issued. The user can proceed to the web ordering system(WOS)and enter the issued part number to purchase.
Manual quote failedRequested quotation to meviy support but unable to quote.
Out of serviceThe price cannot be calculated due to standards, etc. that are out of the scope of the automatic quotation.
Function name Details
Action Move to 3D viewer.
Material The currently selected material will be displayed.
Surface treatment The currently selected surface treatment will be displayed.
Quantity The quantity of uploaded projects will be displayed.
Total After confirming quotation, the total quoted price will be displayed.
Unit price The unit price of the inquired part will be displayed.
Shipping days After confirming quotation, the shipping days will be displayed.
Uploaded date and time The date and time when the project was uploaded will be displayed.
Customer order number The customer order number will be displayed.
CAD file The file name of the uploaded CAD data is displayed.
Parts name Parts name is displayed
Update time The time when the project’s inquiry conditions were changed is displayed.

Toolbar Area

You can search for data in the project list by project name, part name or part number.
List of Toolbar Functions
Function Name What You Can Do
Search Box You can search for data in the project list by project name, part name or part number.

Drop Area

You can upload 3D data for parts that you want to receive a quote for on the meviy platform using drag and drop. → Uploading 3D Data


  • Click ”Cart” on the top right-hand corner of the project list screen to open the cart screen.
  • After issuing the part number in the 3D Viewer, you can check and order the products added to the cart.


See below for the quotation process using the product list


Creating New Folders

Click [Create New Folder] to create a folder. Folders can be categorized and managed by project application and person in charge. 


It is not possible to create sub-folders.

Downloading Parts List

You can download a list of the parts from the projects contained in a folder in CSV format.

Click [Download Parts List] to begin downloading the Bill of Materials (CSV format).


Only those parts in the folder for which part numbers have been issued will be downloaded.


3D data that you upload to the meviy platform will be displayed as a “Project.” Information such as the project name, part preview, and progress and results of quotes will be displayed for the project.
  • The price and shipping days will not be displayed in the project immediately after uploading.
  • For projects where the quote has been completed, the part number and final quote amount will be displayed.
  • For projects containing multiple parts, the parts for which quotes have been completed are shown as “x/y part number issued.”
  • The icon will be displayed for purchased projects. Click to view your order history.


  • Click on a project to open the 3D viewer screen where you can then check the details of completed quotes, reconfigure the settings for quotes and manipulate 3D models.

Status Summary

The status of parts in a folder will be displayed.
Group Conditions
All Number of items for group “Auto quotation”, “Manual quotation”, “Unable to quote” and before selecting processing method. *Projects with no processing method selected are not included in the number of items.
Auto quotation Number of items for status “Setting quotation conditions” and “Order preparation completed”.
Manual quotation Number of items for status “Confirmation required”, “Processing manual quote”, and “Manual quote completed”.
Unable to quote Number of items for status “Out of service” and “Manual quote failed”

Download Parts Information

You can download a“Simple 2D drawing”, “Parts List” or “Product List” for a specific part.
Download Parts Information

Filter Project

You can use the filter function to narrow down your project.
  1. Click to filter.
  2. Select the criteria from the pull-down menu and apply.
Filter Project