Converting Millimeter to Inch Display

This function converts the displayed dimensions in the 3D viewer and Details tree from Units(Millimeter) to Units(Inch)

How to Convert Millimeter to Inch Display

Step 1: Open Part in 3D Viewer

The default units are displayed in millimeter.

Step 2: Select "Unit (Inches)" from the Display Style dropdown

1. Go to the “Display Style” dropdown located on the top right corner of the viewer screen near the 3D viewer directional cube icon.

2. Select “Unit (Inches)” from the dropdown to convert the units displayed from mm to inch.

Step 3: Read and Confirm Warning Message

Select OK once you have read and confirmed the warning messages.

Step 4: Displayed Dimensions are Converted

Dimensions in the 3D Viewer and Details Tree are now converted to Units(Inch).