Delivery Option Selection

List of Delivery Options

Delivery OptionFeatureApplicable Product (compared to Standard Shipping days)Applicable Product (compared to Standard Shipping days)End of Part NumberOrder closing time
Lead Time with Standard ShippingFrom 8 daysStandard price and delivery5:00
Lead Time with Economy ShippingFrom 22 days
  • 30% off for 1 piece
  • 10% off for 2 to 200 pieces
All products-L5:00
Express Shipping
Expedited Shipping

List of Delivery Options

1045 Carbon Steel​ + Hard Chrome Plating ø32 x L 155.2 (mm) 
In the case of a one-piece order

Delivery Option Example (in the case of ordering one piece)

Delivery Option Lead Time Unit Price Discount Rate
Lead Time with Standard Shipping 8 days $200.14
Lead Time with Economy Shipping 22 days $140.10 30% off
  • *The standard lead time for this delivery option example is standard lead time length (8 days) + surface treatment (2 days) = 10 days.
  • For Economy Shipping, the lead time will be extended by a flat rate of 14 days.

Check the Economy Shipping service on the 3D Viewer screen

  • 30% off for one piece
  • 10% off for two or more pieces with Standard Shipping


How to Select the Delivery Option

Step 1

Click “Confirm Quotation Conditions.”

Step 2

A list of delivery dates is displayed to select from.


The default is Standard Shipping.