Shipping Days


*The shipping day(s) will be extended depending on the quantity. Please check the date displayed on the screen for the confirmed shipping day(s).

Material, Surface Treatment, Shipping Day(s)

Material: Ferrous Metals Surface Treatment Standard Shipping
  • Low Carbon Steel (Cold/Hot Rolled)
  • 1018 Carbon Steel
5 days~
Paint 7 days~
Electroless Nickel Plating 7 days~
Black Oxide
Trivalent Chromate (Clear)
Trivalent Chromate (Black)
Low Carbon Steel (Cold Rolled) Electrolytic Zinc Plating 5 days~
Hot Zinc Plating
Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steel (for Shims) 4 days~
Material: Stainless Steel Finishing Method Standard Shipping
304 Stainless Steel No.1 5 days~
Single-sided #400-Grit Polished
Single-sided hairline finish
430 Stainless Steel 2B
304 Stainless Steel (for SHIM) 4 days~
Material: Aluminum Surface Treatment Standard Shipping
5052 Aluminum Alloy 5 days~
Clear Anodize 7 days~
Black Anodize
Black Anodize (matte) 8 days~
Material: Perforated Metal Hole Diameter × Hole Pitch Open Area Ratio Standard Shipping
Perforated Metal – 60° Staggered Round Hole Type – (304 Stainless Steel-BA, Bright Annealed) φ1 × 2p 22.6% 5 days~
φ2 × 3p 40.3%
φ3 × 5p 32.7%
φ5 × 8p 35.4%
φ8 × 12p 40.2%
Material: Transparent Resin Standard Shipping
PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) 5 days~
PVC(Polyvinyl chloride)

*For R-bend shapes, 1 to 2 days shipping will be added to normal bend products. In addition, express shipping cannot be selected.

*Nut installation will add 1 to 2 days delivery time to the normal shipping date. Delivery options are not available.