[FA Mechanical Parts] Turning Parts

“Turning Parts is a machining service that supports not only lathe machining for inner and outer diameter machining, groove machining, and threading, but also supports machining and wire cutting for shapes that require additional machining processing. The applicable shapes are as follows. The range of supported shapes will be expanded soon.”


  • For shapes not supported by automatic quotation, a manual quotation can be provided. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a manual quote.
  • *Economy Shipping cannot be selected for manual quotations.

Outer Diameter Turning

Inner Diameter Turning

Groove Outer Diameter

Groove Inner Diameter

Internal Thread*

External Thread*

*Threads that have been fully modelled cannot be recognized.


External Keyway

Internal Keyway

Notch (Pocket)

End Face Groove

*The bottom curve requires a manual quotation.


Depending on the exact shape or dimensions, it may not be possible to machine the above shapes.