Shapes Eligible for Quotation

Depending on the shape and dimensions, we may not be able to provide a quotation even for the following shapes. For details, please refer to the size regulations and design guidelines in this manual.
1 Flat Plate
2 Round shape
Round shape
3 L Bend
4 Z Bend
5 Convex Bend
6 C Bend
7 Angle Bend (L Bend)
SAngle bending (L-shape)
8 Multiple Angle Bend
Multiple angle bending
9 Tab Flange
10 Cutout in Bend
Cutout in bending
11 Partial Bend With Cutout
Partial bending with cutout
12 Rectangular Slot
Cutout (rectangular)
13 U-Shaped Slot
U-Shaped Slot
14 Rectanglar Corner Notch
Rectanglar Corner Notch
Shapes that are difficult to process (typical examples)
There may be cases where we are unable to manufacture the following shapes or others due to the processing limitations of our equipment. In such cases, meviy support will contact you.
1 Connected parts
2 Punching out characters
3 Gear shape
4 Pointed shape