About Painted Sheet Metal

  • Hanging jig marks may be left when painting (see picture on right).
  • The iron phosphate coating is used for surface preparation, and the paint is applied with a thickness of 80µ ± 30 (excluding thickness tolerance).
  • However, this is not a guaranteed value as the coating thickness of the film may vary depending on the shape.
  • We carry out checks with coating thickness gauges, pull-offs with tape and cross-cut adhesion test. We also visually check the appearance of the product by referring to the “Dirt comparison chart” to check for color, dirt, and dimples.
  • To clean, wipe with water and a soft cloth or sponge, or wipe with a diluted neutral detergent, then wipe with a dry cloth. Please refrain from using alcohol and petroleum solvents such as thinner, and benzene.