Delivery Options

  • There are two options for delivery.
  • If delivery time is a priority, we recommend standard shipping; if the price is a priority, we recommend the economy shipping (from 22 days), which offers a 30% discount.

List of delivery options

Options Shipping days Merit Eligible Products (compared with standard shipping) Quality (compared with standard shipping) End of part number Order closing time
Standard Shipping 8days~ Good balance of price and delivery time 5:00
Economy Shipping 22days~ Same quality with 30% off price All products in principle Same quality -L 5:00


  • – Please refer to the following for detailed shipping dates by material and surface treatment
  • →[FA Mechanical Parts] Applicable Parts/Materials > Shipping Days

How to select the options

Click “Confirm the quotation conditions” button.
A list of shipping dates will be displayed, allowing you to select a delivery date.


– Default setting is standard shipping