Appearance of etching

Set etching

  • For sheet metal etching, content can be entered and positioned (angles and positions) in the 3D viewer only for the appearance surface.
  • Multiple etchings on a single surface and etching on multiple surfaces can also be ordered.

Appearance of etching

Etched letter finish

  • ・Etching service for sheet metal is done with laser etching.
  • ・The letter width (approx. 0.1 mm), depth of etching, and spacing between letters cannot be specified.
  • ・Font size and angle are approximate values. We cannot guarantee accuracy.

important notice

  • ・Depending on the material and machine conditions, burn marks may occur around the letters.
  • ・Depending on the material, the finish of the etching may be softer.
  • ・If the height of the etching characters is small (3 to 5 mm) or the shape of the characters is complex, the characters may appear blurred.