Measuring 3D models

This function allows measurement of models uploaded.

Screen introduction of measurement functions

This section introduces the various windows that appear after the measurement function is executed.

The function can measure three types of values: distance, R-value, and angle.
  1. Click the icon
  2. The following procedures are available depending on the items to measure.
  • – To measure the distance
  • →If you select the two points (highlighted in yellow-green) you wish to measure, XYZ will be displayed in a window respectively.
  • -If you want to measure R value
  • →If you hover the mouse over the elements to measure (edges and faces of the model), the R-value will be displayed in the window when the element selected that is highlighted in light blue.
  • – To measure angles
  • →If you hover the mouse over the elements to measure (edges and faces of the model),
  • select the two elements that are highlighted in light blue and the angles will be displayed in the window.
Item name Details
Measurement icon Activate the measurement function
Measurement mode switching window Switch between the maximum and minimum distance
Measurement window by element The window displaying information about the measured element
Selected Objects Using to select the center point or central axis of a hole
Measurement component line Displaying the measurement target by measurement mode, and the XYZ component is also displayed as a line segment at the same time.

Measurement icon

  • An icon used to measure various elements of the model
  • Shortcut key is activated by “Shift+M”.

Measurement mode switching window

Function to switch between longest and shortest distance measurements for selected elements

Longest distanceShortest distance

Measurement window by element

Window displaying information about the object to be measured and the numerical values of the decomposed XYZ components

Distance measurement R-value angle

Selected Objects

Various elements are displayed that can select the element need to measure


Sphere object Center point of the R edge
Cylindrical object Central axis of a curved surface

Measurement component line

Displays the XYZ components that configure the measured distance in mm


Black lineMeasurement result
Red lineX direction component
Green lineY-direction component
Blue lineZ direction component