Download 2D DXF File

  • This function outputs the shape and dimensions displayed on the 3D Viewer to 2D DXF
  • *The version of the .dxf generated is AutoCAD 2018 DXF (*.dxf).
  • *The template follows MISUMI’s standard template.
  • *File naming rule: The file name will be the part number.

How to Download 2D DXF Files

Step 1 : Confirm Quotation Conditions

  • In order to download the 2D DXF file, you will need to confirm the quotation conditions and the part number.
  • Once the part number is issued, the “2D DXF” icon is activated and available for selection.

Step 2 : Select 2D DXF

  • Select from the icons at the top.
  • You can also use the shortcut key (Shift+X).

Step 3 : Select Projection Method and Paper Size

Select the projection method and paper size, and click the [Create] button.

Step 4 : Generating DXF file

  • Please wait until file generation is complete.
  • You can also close the dialog to perform other operations during generation.

Step 5 : Download DXF file

  • Once the DXF file is generated, you can download it.
  • If the projection method or paper size is changed, the file can be re-generated.


Regenerating returns you to the Step 4 on this page.
Model on the 3D Viewer, Simple 2D drawing 2D DXF
*Engraving on the 2D DXF file
  • Please note that when outputting a 2D DXF file of a part with engraving, the expression of engraving will differ from the 3D Viewer model and simple 2D drawing.
  • Set engraving